This website is dedicated to LDS women who feel that the church has helped them fulfill their roles as women and daughters of God. All of the entries on this blog are from latter-day saint women who feel they have great things to give and learn from the church. To read, click here.

If you would like to participate in this blog, please e-mail your intended post to empoweredldswomen@gmail.com. The post can be however long or short you want–two sentences to two hundred–whatever you’d like. You may also post as many different times as you want. We only ask that you first read through the following rules before submission:

1). Follow, Follow, Follow!! Please look at the right column to find the “follow” button to subscribe for updates on the most recent inspiring posts. Even if you can’t post anything right away, we hope you can enjoy reading the¬†empowering¬†words of our fellow sisters.

2). If you would like the post to be anonymous, please state so at the beginning of your e-mail. If not, please include your name and (if you want) where you’re from and/or your age.

3). Please refrain from posting political opinions–that is not the purpose of the blog.

4). Please refrain from directly criticizing any group or individual in your post. We want to keep things positive here!

5). Share, Share, Share!! Of course this one isn’t exactly mandatory, but if you have loved being able to share your thoughts, we would love for you to give others the opportunity to do the same. Share this blog on facebook, on your personal blog, or via e-mail and invite others to share their experiences and thoughts.

Whether you’re a reader or a sharer or both–we hope your heart will be touched and you can learn through the experiences of these faithful Latter-Day Saint women what it means to be a daughter of God with divine and unlimited potential.

*This website is not run by or directly supported by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

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